The Order of Our Lady of
Demonic Assassinations

The Order of Our Lady of Demonic Assassinations (OLODA) is a religious organization dedicated to serving Slayers and Watchers in their struggle against those forces that would seek to cast shadows upon the light of our world. Its known activities include the construction of crosses, the blessing of holy water, the baking of holy wafers, the cultivation of hardwoods from which the world's finest stakes are made, and the restoration of ancient prophetic texts to their most revealing forms.

Other purported activities such as the banishment of demons into books of containment, the construction of underground churches into which master vampires may be imprisoned, the restoration of human souls into the bodies of vampires, and activities too graphically violent for description in a public forum, cannot be confirmed due to the order's vow of secrecy.

To inquire about overdue invoices for crossbows, manacles, tranquilizer guns, or other outsourced hardware, please contact Sister Sanguina in Accounts Payable.

For further information on the Order's secret covenant, methodology, whereabouts, or to report crises of dire demonic import, pray.

Return to whence you came

(For those of you who have asked about Brother Luca with such kind words, his fate is still as yet unknown. Please remember him in your prayers tonight).