The Undead Buffy List Questions

Mortal beware, for here lie the Undead Questions of the Buffy lists! As ever-thirsting demons, they are doomed to rise up from their graves again and again, whenever they smell the fresh blood of newbies on the list, in an ageless game of seduction and entrapment... Attempting to answer some of these questions could cost you your precious time, if not your sanity. Only Joss Whedon, the ultimate Watcher, can put many of them to the stake, once and for all!

Season One and General

  1. What does NKABOTFD stand for?
  2. What are the ages of the cast members on the show? (not so clearcut).
  3. Why was the bouncer at the Bronze counting money (in WttH, Pt 2) if Cordy said there would be no cover that night?
  4. What are these "keeper" things you guys keep talking about?
  5. Wouldn't Angel cast a reflection now that he has his soul back?
  6. Is Buffy a vampire at the end of Prophecy Girl?
  7. How come Angel was panting if he doesn't breathe?
  8. Does anyone have Sarah Michelle Gellar's home address or phone number? (Hey, I swear that I'm not a stalker!).
  9. If Dr. Gregory got his head bitten off, and there are eggs in his closet, does that mean he was a virgin?
  10. Who's hotter, Angel or Xander?
  11. I'm new, what do guys talk about on this list?
  12. I'm setting up a webpage. Are there any other Buffy pages I can link to?
  13. Isn't Angel too old (or too dead) for Buffy?
  14. Isn't Giles too old (or too fatherly) for Buffy?
  15. What are incubi and succubi?
  16. How come Buffy's age keeps changing? I mean, she was a senior in the movie, but now she's a sophomore. And what's with all those different birthdates?
  17. What was the music playing in the scene where (fill in the blank) happened?
  18. Wouldn't it be cool if they had a werewolf as a monster next season?
  19. Wouldn't it be cool if they had a (fill in the blank) as a monster next season?
  20. How did Angel get into the mausoleum without getting burned by the sun? Why didn't the sunlight kill him in his room when Darla opened the blinds?
  21. What if a person wielding a cross isn't Christian, will it still work? What if the vampire weren't Christian? Will icons from other religions work too?
  22. Are there any websites with pictures of the Buffy cast on them?
  23. When does the next season start?
  24. When do they show "Angel" again?
  25. When does the soundtrack CD come out?
  26. For Marcie to be completely invisible, wouldn't she have to be naked?
  27. Does anyone have lyrics/guitar tabs/.wav files for that (fill in the blank) song? Please email me!
  28. Has Buffy had any other watchers besides Giles? And who is this Merrick guy you keep talking about?
  29. How will Buffy and Willow ever trust Xander again after what he did in the Pack?
  30. What does "ObBuffy" mean?
  31. What's the right possessive form for the Watcher's name, Giles' or Giles's ?
  32. Is the anointed boy really a vampire?
  33. I'm new to the list and I just want to ask, is Angel gorgeous or what?!!!!
  34. Why didn't they take the time to train Nick to do CPR right?
  35. Why isn't the TV series just like the movie? What happened to Pike?
  36. What do you guys think of a Buffy/X-Files crossover episode?
  37. What do you guys think of a Buffy/Xena crossover episode?
  38. What do you guys think of a Buffy/Scooby-Doo crossover cartoon?
  39. Would bullets soaked in holy water kill a vampire?
  40. How much wood do you need to stake a vampire? Would a toothpick do it?
  41. Where are you guys buying the Buffy books? I can't find them anywhere!!!
  42. I thought Darla was a really cool vampire, will she be back?
  43. I heard that Xander is going to DIE!!!!!! Can this be true??????
  44. Luke said that metal can't hurt him. What does this mean?
  45. When Moloch was electrocuted, was he destroyed?
  46. Hey, wasn't that the anointed boy's little bloody handprint on the TV Set in Prophecy Girl? So doesn't that mean he's a vampire?
  47. Hey, I was just reading the Buffy book. And there's stuff in there that's different from the show. What's up with that?
  48. In Prophecy Girl, the Master's bones were left after he was staked. Does anyone think he'll come back next season?
  49. How long was the Master trapped?
  50. Why does the new logo say only "Buffy"? Is she going to stop slaying vampires? Is it just going to be some stupid love show or something?
  51. What other shows have the cast members been on?
  52. How did Giles know Angel's phone number in Prophecy Girl?
  53. What happened to the rest of the kids in the pack? Aren't they going to need therapy or something?
  54. How did Angel know that Buffy was the Slayer?
  55. Why didn't Buffy sense that Angel was a vampire when she first met him?
  56. Why aren't there ever any cops (or news crews) hanging around the school or Bronze after so many murders?
  57. How could Flutie's death be attributed to wild dogs when the kids' bloody fingerprints would be all over his office?
  58. How did Marcie know which seat to sit in during the classroom scene at the end of Invisible Girl? How could she be sure she wasn't sitting in some other student's lap? And why didn't the cushion depress when she sat down?
  59. Where can I write to the cast?
  60. When is (Buffy/Xander/Willow/Giles/Angel)'s birthday?
  61. Don't you think that Xander and Buffy should get together?
  62. Wouldn't Giles and Ms. Calendar make a cute couple?
  63. If you live in your car, will it keep vampires out (unless you invite them in)? What if you live in a cardboard box?
  64. Will Angel ever turn human again?
  65. Why did all the vampires leave after the Master got killed?
  66. Why is there a cage in the Library?
  67. Didn't it seem like Xander was the head of the hyenas? Why did the hyenas choose him to be the "leader of the pack"?
  68. When is (fill in the blank) episode going to be shown again? If I pay for everything, will somebody please tape it for me?
  69. Does Xander know how Willow feels about him?
  70. How did Xander know where Angel lived in Prophecy Girl?
  71. Wasn't (name of BtVS actor or actress) in an old episode of (name of discontinued TV show)?
  72. Why don't the vampires on the show follow the rules clearly established in (name of other popular vampire genre)?
  73. Who loves Buffy more, Angel or Xander? And who is braver?
  74. How come the hyenas ate the zookeeper when he was now "one of them"?
  75. If Angel and Buffy ever got married, you think they could have a baby?
  76. How come Xander seems to be taking Physics and Chem at the same time? Isn't that impossible?
  77. At the start of the series, Xander asks help from Willow for Trigonometry. But later he's studying Geometry. How can that be?
  78. The author of those Buffy books, Richie T. Cusick, is a guy right? I mean, isn't Richie usually short for "Richard"?
  79. If Buffy & the gang can remember their nightmares from 'Nightmares,' how come the rest of the town can't?
  80. Buffy rushes down to stop Thomas the vampire when she realizes it's Willow he's hitting on. So if it was someone else, she would have let it go?
  81. No word processing programs allow you to delete a whole file just by pressing the "Del" key, especially without a warning. So how come Cordy's did?
  82. If a slayer is killed, is there another one ready to go? Or do they have to wait for someone to grow up? By then, wouldn't it be too late?
  83. Hi, I'm new to the list. Would you mind taking the following poll I just created?
  84. Angel didn't snoop in Buffy's diary. And he relied on Giles to interpret the Codex. Is it possible that Angel can't read?
  85. In the opening credits, are there words that spell "She Died" or "Who Died" or something like that? You think this means anything?
  86. If Merrick never existed in the Buffy TV series, then who trained Buffy to be a Slayer at her old school?
  87. Would wooden bullets kill a vampire?
  88. How come the Master gained so much power and Buffy collapsed when it seemed like he barely just sipped her blood in "Prophecy Girl"?
  89. Where does Angel get the money to pay for his apartment, clothes, electricity, bedsheets, and artwork, and stuff?
  90. How come the stakes sometimes dissolve along with the vampires, and sometimes not?
  91. Since Buffy seemed shocked that Xander was a virgin in "Teacher's Pet," doesn't this suggest that she is not a virgin?
  92. Angel can always found near the Bronze. You think he lives there? Does he maybe own the place?
  93. Why doesn't Buffy ever have any bruises after all her fighting?
  94. Why was Buffy's prom dress still spotless even after she fell face down in the Master's mud puddle in Prophecy Girl?
  95. How did Angel get ahold of the Codex for Giles? Was he the one who "misplaced" it centuries ago?
  96. How did Darla get into Angel's apartment in "Angel" while he was away? Didn't she need to be invited?
  97. Why were "The Three" trying to force their way into Buffy's house (as Buffy and Angel desperately tried to shut the door) when Buffy had not invited them in?
  98. We keep seeing anti-smoking posters around the school (like in the basement where the smoker girl got attacked by Ugly Man). Is Joss on some anti-smoking propaganda kick?
  99. Why do vampires keep attacking Buffy in the graveyard when there are so many crosses on tombstones and stuff? Doesn't it hurt when she throws them against those things?
  100. Does Cordy know that Angel is a vampire?
  101. Can Buffyverse vampires get sick? What if they bite someone with AIDS?
  102. Can Cordy still be a virgin after hanging out in cars in graveyards with guys like Kevin and stuff?
  103. Is there one big demon essence that fills newly created vampires, or are they individual demons, or is it like a viral infection of some kind?
  104. Joss Whedon told me everything that's going to happen during the coming season at ComicCon. Do I need to use spoiler space for that?
  105. I have some crazy, unlikely speculations for future eps. Do I need spoiler space?
  106. How do you pronounce Sarah's last name, is it "GELL-er" or "gell-AR"?
  107. I need tapes of every episode! Can someone please help me? I'll pay for the tapes, postage, and everything!
  108. What kind of car was Giles driving in NKABOTFD?
  109. What kind of car was Cordy driving in Prophecy Girl?
  110. Was Angel originally intended to be a mysterious guardian angel (in WttH), but then they decided to create a gothic romance angle by making him a vampire and Buffy's boyfriend to improve ratings?
  111. Can a vampire's invitation to enter a house be withdrawn?
  112. Buffy and Xander (in the shadows) were the only two people on the first-season WB Buffy poster. You figure Xander was originally supposed to be her dark love-interest, not Angel?
  113. Why are people so certain that Willow is Jewish? Couldn't "Rosenberg" also just mean her family is German?
  114. Is it true they didn't have a 1997 Christmas episode because the themes in Buffy are very demonic and un-Christian?
  115. I'm getting way too many messages! How do I get off this list? Please help now!!!
Season Two
  1. One of the cheerleaders in "SAR" was listed last season as a senior cheerleader in "The Witch." So how come she didn't graduate?
  2. In "WSWB" why did Buffy have on a pink shirt with her hair up, then a white tank top with her hair down, then back to pink shirt with hair up in just in a few hours? Who changes outfits that often?
  3. In describing Buffy's seductive dance with Xander, does Angel say "mated with" or "made it with"?
  4. Why is Angel wearing a maroon shirt in "WSWB"? Does he think he's a human now or something?
  5. What's up with Angel's tacky khaki windbreaker and white socks in "SAR"? Will someone please cut up that boy's Sears card? Where are his black jackets?
  6. How come Buffy couldn't tell Sheila had become a vampire?
  7. Why didn't Buffy kill Spike outside the Bronze when she first met him?
  8. Does Angel need to shave?
  9. Why was Buffy acting so slutty in WSWB?
  10. I don't remember Giles narrating the opening of the show before. Is this new?
  11. Is it Drusilla, Druscilla, or Drucilla?   And Ampata, Impata, or Empada?
  12. Are they really moving the show to Tuesdays?!
  13. Where does the expression "the whole nine yards" really come from?
  14. Who made Spike into a vampire, Angel or Dru?
  15. Was Buffy really coming onto Xander with her sexy WSWB dance, or just being deliberately cruel and teasing him?
  16. Did Xander really enjoy the dance, or was he mostly confused and bothered?
  17. Why is Buffy losing so many fights lately? Is this her "new" image?
  18. Why is Angel such a wimp lately?
  19. You figure that Dru was the Romany girl Angel killed, thus causing his curse?
  20. Is Ethan gay? You think that he and Giles were ever lovers?
  21. How come Spike was seen smoking (by his car) at the start of School Hard if vampires can't breathe?
  22. If Spike can suck air through a cigarette to keep it lit, why couldn't Angel blow air into Buffy's lungs to revive her in Prophecy Girl?
  23. First "Herbert the Pig," then the "Three Little Pigs" on the dead boys' TV in PG, and now "Mr. Gordo." Is there some kind of pig sub-theme to the series?
  24. Does a Buffyverse vampire's blood circulate? I mean, would Angel actually be able to perform if they really did have a "Very Special Buffy" episode?
  25. Do hair and fingernails really continue to grow after death?
  26. Isn't the "Order of Taraka" supposed to keep sending new assassins until the job is done? So why does that threat seem to end after WML-2?
  27. Does Giles' knickname "Ripper" mean he is Jack the Ripper, maybe a reincarnated version?
  28. If Sunnydale is really just a "one-Starbucks town" then how come they have two high schools, a college (with frats), a zoo, an art museum, a warehouse district, and all that other stuff?
  29. Why doesn't Spike just arm his gang with automatic weapons, hide outside of Buffy's house at night, and then shoot her as she comes or goes?
  30. Why doesn't Spike burn or bomb Buffy's house while she's asleep?
  31. How come Spike has killed two other slayers, but he can't kill Buffy?
  32. Did Spike make those other two slayers into vampires? Would a converted slayer be stronger than the average vamp?
  33. Was Drusilla one of those slayers?
  34. If Buffy is so strong, why couldn't she just snap that rope in "The Dark Age?"
  35. How much does Snyder really know about the vampires? Why is he engaged in a coverup? Is he a government agent like the men who took Marcie away?
  36. Did Angel really drink that cappuccino Cordy brought him? Can Buffyverse vampires safely consume anything but blood?
  37. Will Oz's affection for Willow force Xander to take her more seriously in the romance department?
  38. How come we never see any of Xander, Willow, or Cordelia's family members?
  39. Why are we supposed to accept that Willow and Ms. Calendar are such great hackers? When do we get to see them actually doing any real hacking?
  40. How does Angel get his clothes, hitting the malls after sundown, mail order?
  41. Is Willow going to be the next Watcher, or does it have to be genetic?
  42. How could Angel have attacked Dru in her convent, without an invitation, and with crosses everywhere? Isn't that God's "home"?
  43. Why would the nuns have allowed a mad woman to take vows as a nun?
  44. Is Dru crazy because she is a nun, trapped in a vampire's body?
  45. Does Dru have a feeding disorder? Is she anorexic?
  46. Did any of the kids or townspeople permanently die in Ethan's Halloween trick?
  47. Is Angel really naturally cold, or was Ford just being mean? Wouldn't it be icky for Buffy to snuggle with an ice-cold guy? Would a hot shower warm him up?
  48. Was it Ford who popped up out of the grave at the end of "Lie to Me" or some other random vamp? If it was Ford, why would Spike have kept his word just being mean? Wouldn't it be icky for Buffy to snuggle with an ice-cold guy? Would a hot shower warm him up?
  49. Was it Ford who popped up out of the grave at the end of "Lie to Me" or some other random vamp? If it was Ford, why would Spike have kept his word to him?
  50. How come Spike and his gang crashed into the school on Parent/Teacher night, didn't they need to be invited? And how come vamps can enter the library whenever they want to without being asked?
  51. Is the Eyghon demon still inside Angel or did it cancel out with his demon? If the two demons cancelled out, shouldn't Angel be dust now?
  52. Is Willow really going to bear Angel's child?
  53. Do female vamps menstruate? Can they conceive?
  54. Does Angel go wild when it's "that time of the month" for Buffy?
  55. Who is "Billy Idol," and why do people keep bringing him up whenever we have a discussion about Spike?
  56. What kind of car was Spike driving in School Hard?
  57. If Buffy has sex, will she lose her slayer powers?
  58. How come Ted took Buffy's family to play miniature golf in "Ted," when Willow said there were no miniature golf courses in Sunnydale (at the end of WSWB)?
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