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She's smart, cute and star of an emerging cult TV show. In other words, Sarah Michelle Gellar is prime candidate for Internet goddess status, and her fans have paid homage accordingly, creating nearly 100 sites devoted to the "Buffy" star. "I just feel she's a really down to earth lady who is very devoted to her work and I admire the fact that she can juggle so many things at once and possess so much talent" says fan Scott Robinson, creator of the excellent Sarah Michelle Gellar Fan Page. Within hours of the actress's September 8th appearance on the "Tonight" show, Robinson had a transcript and sound clips of her interview with Leno available online. Updated weekly, the site contains up-to-date information on Gellar as well as pictures, a bio, links and mini-sections for "All My Children" and "Swans Crossing." Other sites to consider:

The official Buffy the Vampire Slayer page contains show credits, star bios, episode guides, a monster gallery, cast members chats, photos, message boards, sound clips, postcards and a Buffy quiz ("What's your slayer IQ?").

A creative work of fan fiction, The Little Buffy Site is an amusing look at young Buffy's less-than-normal childhood. It's all here: the young slayer's favorite songs (Tina Turner's "What's Blood Got to Do With It?" "Vampy Claws is Coming to Town"), games (Spin the Crossbow), TV shows ("Slayed by the Bell"), books ("Little House of the Scary") and other assorted oddities.

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