Little Buffy Keeper Requests

Here are a few keeping guidelines:
  1. These keeper items should be appropriate for the characters when they were little kids. Not "first," "little," or "baby" versions of things that the "big" characters already have (unless you put a humorous spin on them)

  2. Strive to be different from all the other items. Come up with something that no one else has thought of. Unique, original, and fresh is cool!

  3. The Barbie that Xander stole from Willow when they were kids is not available 'cause it was mentioned on the show (and 'cause somebody already keeps it on the "big" Willow page).

  4. In the "Your Name" box below, please no knicknames for yourself like "Buffy, Buffyfan, Angel, Angelus, Willow, etc..." So many folks give such names, we can't tell 'em apart! Your real name, or a unique personal knickname is the ticket.

  5. Sometimes it takes awhile for Little Buffy's "stupid babysitter" to process the requests (because she often likes to make 'em even fancier). But if you don't hear back after a week or two, then please bug her nicely (you know how distracted those darn babysitters can get!)

Whew, that's it for the guidelines! If you still want to keep an item, then send it on in:

Your Name:

Your Email address:

Little Character:

Little Character's item you want to keep:

Totally stumped for an item? There's a small list of things that Little Buffy knows some of her little friends (and enemies) own. If you want a suggestion from that list, then fill out the above form (including the character you want) and put "Totally Stumped" in the big item box. Little Buffy will see what she can do....

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