Little Buffy's...

  • Starter Cross (from the Junior League of the Order of
    "Our Lady of Demonic Assassinations") - Firestorm
  • Hello Kitty Pencil Box - Jesse Jou
  • Practice Crossbow with Suction Cup Arrows (from the
    Slayskool Toy Company) - Firestorm
  • Training Stake - Jared Cowan
  • Knee-high Black Leather Baby Booties - Chuck Mize
  • Graveyard Action Slayset - Alex M.
  • Squeaky Rubber Playpen Stakes - Curtis E.
  • Slayer Barbie and Vampire Ken Dolls (Barbie now with
    Retractable Sleeve Stake!   Ken includes Replaceable
    Soul!) - Titania
  • Dogeared Copy of "Horton Slew a Who" - Virginia Eveland
  • First Broken Karate Brick - Angela Mach
  • Baptismal Necklace of Santa Demonica (patroness saint
    of all vampire slayers) - Angela Mach
  • Bubblegum Pink Bicycle (with handlebar streamers and
    automated stake dispenser) - Mike
  • "DoomBox" Portable Stereo (with Graveyard Bass) - Lorraine
  • Baby Barrettes (covered with tiny gargoyles) - IceAngels
  • Buffalicious Chewing Gum (now with Vampire Trading Cards!
    Collect 'em all!) - Samantha B.
  • Go-Go Galoshes (a compromise with mom) - Miriam E.
  • Slayola Crayons (suitable for drawing pretty horsies and
    staking pint-sized vamps in a pinch!) - Raininfire
  • "Vampire Jams" Video (hot new moves for slaying with
    style!) - Samantha B.
  • First Unconscious Sparring Partner - Krista
  • Ultrashort Baby Skirts (a big hit with the toddler boys!) - Krista
  • Tiny Stakes used as Pigtail Holders - Corinna
  • Calvin Klein Baby V-necks (giving Little Angel a tempting view
    of that adorable little neck!) - Day
  • Baby Charm Bracelet (with tiny dangling cross, stake, and
    crossbow for good luck) - Moy
  • Black Leather Bassinet Booties - Kali Buffy
  • Gerber Strained Muffin (hand delivered by Little Owen) - Triple C
  • Secret Stash of Gooey Candy - Sage
  • Book, "Sarah, Slain and Tall" (tales of an alternate
    universe) - Allison T.
  • Dust from her First Little Vampire Victim (in a tiny red
    pouch) - Cera
  • Diapers with Needle-Sharp Wooden Diaper Pins (for you know
    what) - Allison T.
  • Cassette of Hit TV Song "The Buffa Buffa Dance" (great for
    swayin' and slayin' to the music!) - Buff1f
  • Book, "How PMS Saved My Life: The Kristy Swanson
    Story" - Buff1f
  • "Count Chocula" Breakfast Cereal - Michelle T.
  • Nerf Dartboard (featuring toothy picture of Bela Lugosi)
    with Stake-Shaped Darts - Sugar Magnolia
  • Lincoln Log Set (quickly sharpened into stakes!) - Tricia-Leigh
  • "Apocalypse Readiness" Brownie Badge - Jesse Jou
  • Slaypen Toys (chewable squishy stakes and crosses) - Jennifer
  • Adoring Godfather (spoils her rotten!) - Jim
  • "Little Slayer" Lunchpail (packed by Mom with garlic sandwiches,
    carrot stakes, and cookie crosses) - Leslie E.
  • "Reach out and Stake Someone" T-Shirt - The Halo
  • Baby Blankey (Fang-Retardant) - Melissa
  • Rocking Cradle (with garlic-fragrance paint, and removable pointy
    wooden slats) - Alexis
  • First Near Accidental Homicide (when she first saw preschool
    classmates dressed as vampires on Halloween) - Beth
  • First Grade School Crush (on that pale boy with the cold hands
    who always stayed indoors during recess) - Buffy
  • Baby Bottle (filled with holy water formula) - Brittany
  • Kindergarten Prom Picture of her with Little Angel (is that a
    cup of red punch in Little Angel's hand?) - Kathy G.
  • Little Slayer Travel Kit (with folding crosses, collapsible stakes,
    and purse-size holy water) (for weekends at Dad's) - Jessica D.
  • "Teddy the Vampire Slayer" Plush Bear (with toothpick stakes,
    rubberband crossbow, and a whole lot of attitude) - Billy D.
  • Impressive Early Scores on the Childhood AKBAT ("Ability-to-
    Kick-Butt Aptitude Test") - Keri
  • Birthday Party, with plenty of Stake and Ice Scream for everyone!
    (mmmmm, Angelfood...) - Megan:)
  • "Little Miss Vampkiller" Set of Four Plastic Stake Knives
    (just perfect for "slaying house") - Megan:)
  • "PlayVamplet" Magazine (the Little Angel centerfold edition)
    (carefully hidden from Mom under the bed) - Grinch
  • Bedtime Book, "Where the Wild Things Are... Former
    Boyfriends" - Kim O.
  • Six Weeks at "Little Slayer" Summer Camp (whittling stakes,
    making cross jewelry, & crossbow target practice) - Sarah H.
  • Graveyard Picture Book (with pop-up vampires!) - Angela
  • Lemonade Stand (100% sugar-free!) - The Big Zorkahuna
  • "The Judge" Action Figure (warning - disassembles into hundreds
    of tiny pieces when "shot" by enclosed plastic rocket launcher;
    possible choking hazard for small children) - DaBee
  • "I'm a Slayer, ask me how" T-Shirt (back during the recruiting
    years) - Buffynut
  • "Dorothy Hamill" Beginner Ice Skates - Maybee4Now
  • Classroom Fieldtrips to the Local Cemetary (where she was
    known to remark, "Hey, this place feels like home!") - Erin
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Little Xander's...

  • "Aren't You Quite the Little Comedian?" Jokebook - Maddy :)
  • Skateboard Training Wheels - Alex M.
  • "Spendin' all recess in the time-out area again"
    Flippant Wit - Jared Cowan
  • Big Book of Wild Animals (with special Hyena
    pull-out section) - Tracey N.
  • Superman Pajamas with Matching Cape
    (and Padded Feet) - Allison T.
  • Comic Book of Clown Terror - mahogohney
  • He-Man Slippers (perfect for underground tunnels) - Jilbert:)
  • First Baby Laugh (following his first baby wisecrack) - Angela Mach
  • Stuffed Animal Hyena with Glowing Eyes (batteries not
    included) - Kathrine G.
  • Spoiled Appetite from Scarfing too Many Chocolate
    Hurricanes - Molly
  • Scooby-Doo Skateboard (Shaggy's Customized 'Ghoul Grabber'
    Model) - LeAnne M.
  • Self-help Book, "Facing your Fears, Finally and Furiously" by Dr.
    Wright Hooke (parental gift after "the clown incident") - Kathrine G.
  • Polyester Boyswear from Sears of Sunnydale - Miriam E.
  • Deflated Balloon Giraffe (and spirits after that disastrous
    6th birthday party) - Little Willow
  • 45's of Little Patsy Cline's Country Music (for those long,
    painful moments after a hard spanking) - Jim
  • 437 self-made balloon giraffes (just to prove that "anyone"
    can make one) - Vanessa
  • Prized Praying Mantis Collection (the poor boy's obsessed!) - Krista
  • Stuffed Animal Praying Mantis (with removable velcro
    eggsac) - Krista
  • First Math Book (unopened, as usual) - Ann F.
  • Tweety Bird Nursery Clock - Day
  • Nerf Dodge Ball (gotta stay in practice!) - Moy
  • Stained Bunk Bed Sheets (from too many Clown
    Nightmares!) - Triple C
  • Baja Big Wheel, aka the "Tricycle of Terror" - Sage
  • Self-Proclaimed Theme Song, "If I Only had a Brain" (Little
    Willow responds by singing "I Believe in You") - Buff1f
  • CD, "Kiddie Country Classics" (for tykes who feel real
    slain, er, pain) - Buff1f
  • Hyena Halloween Costume (with red electic eyes and bottomless
    stomach pouch for stashing candy!) - Michelle T.
  • Berlitz "Speak Spanish in 5 Days" Tapes (he didn't get past lesson
    one, pronouncing "Ay Caramba!") - Allison T.
  • First time getting the nerve up to ask Little Willow out (to play in
    his yard) - Tricia-Leigh
  • Melted Chocolate Hurricanes (stuck to the inside of his jeans
    pockets) - Jennifer
  • "Rambo" BB Gun - The Halo
  • First Schoolyard Kiss (quite a draining experience!) - Traci
  • Rubber Bathtub Mummy (kiss it and it drains the whole
    tub!) - Melissa
  • Subscription to "No Monsters, Guaranteed" Toddler Dating
    Service (he wants that guarantee in writing) - Samantha H.
  • Browsing Dictionary (hmmm, where's "bitca"?) - Kat
  • Apple Sauce Binges (to numb the pain of elementary
    school) - Christine
  • Experimental Nursery Skateboard (constructed from his
    stroller wheels and potty seat) - Beth
  • Frequent Use of the "Twinkie Defense" (to evade punishment
    for shooting classmates with rubberbands) - Guinevere
  • Baby Talk, "I am the Bug Man, coochy-coochy-coo" - Mel
  • Modified Sesame Street Sing-a-long Tape ("Come and slay,
    Everything's A-Ok!") - Sika
  • "Young Bachelor" Egg-Care Kit (complete with rapid
    boiler) - Kathy G.
  • Plastic Binoculars (from the Cap'n Crunch box) for scoping-out
    Little Buffy and Little Cordy (and Little Willow too, though he
    won't admit it) - Sarah H.
  • "Geek" Ken Doll (a gift from Little Willow so he wouldn't
    keep stealing her Barbie) - Hayley
  • Amy Yip Action Figure (complete with Playskool
    waterpark!) - DaBee
  • Video, "Girlfriends to Avoid" ("Lesson One: any girl who has
    just arrived from out of town and seems to take a sudden
    interest in you!") - Samantha B.
  • "Snack Pack" Desserts (acquired from Little Willow during
    lunchbox trades) - Maybee4Now
  • Big Book of Pathetic Pickup Lines (every one a guaranteed
    flop!) - Erin
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Little Willow's...

  • Crib Computer - Maddy :)
  • Tiny Smurf Calculator (with Big Plush Keys) - Alex M.
  • Cat in the Hat Book - barb
  • Squeaky Rubber Computer Mouse - Dingo
  • Hand-me-down Radio Shack "Trash-80" Computer (that she had
    to hook up to the family TV) - Karmilla
  • "Hacker" Barbie Doll (with power laptop, untraceable phone
    number, and purseful of stolen passwords) - Miriam E.
  • Lonely Ken Doll (after Little Xander stole Barbie) - Allison T.
  • Fisher Price Modem (with authentic "hacking into the Pentagon"
    sound effects!) - Little Willow
  • "Mouse" Shaped Teething Toy for her little Baby
    Bytes - Samantha M.
  • "Detective" Skipper Doll (hired to track down the Barbie that
    Little Xander stole) - Krista
  • First Toothless Smile She Gave Little Xander - Corinna
  • First Tears when Little Xander played with the girl across the
    street instead of her - Corinna
  • Plaid Baby Rompers - Day
  • First Sign of Stagefright - Triple C
  • Skechers Baby Booties - Moy
  • Snoopy Floppy Disks (with the elementary school's grade records
    on them) - Sage
  • Book, "The Shy Girl's Guide to Marrying the Boy Next
    Door" - Buff1f
  • Highly Cherished Bunny Slippers - Michelle T.
  • Dreams of Growing Up (and marrying Little Xander) - Tricia-Leigh
  • Baby Rattle (Intel Inside) - Jennifer
  • Teddy Ruxpin Bear (reprogrammed to sound like Little
    Xander) - Melissa
  • Microchip Crib Mobile - Mai S.
  • First Lost Baby Tooth (placed lovingly under her laptop in hopes
    of a memory upgrade from the byte fairy) - Reccea
  • Innocent Belief in a World of Puppies and Bunnies (before Little
    Buffy & little vampires came into her life) - Reccea
  • Tricks for hacking into the Sesame Street Website (and making
    The Count's math questions much harder) - TrueBlond
  • Stellar Scores on the TAT ("Toddler Achievement Test") - Beth
  • Personal Bible, "Nancy Drew: The Hacker Years" - Mizz Righteous
  • First Blush that Little Xander gave her (still worn to this day) - Jemel
  • Preschool Typing Lessons - WillowKix
  • Dell "TechnoToddler" Laptop (factory loaded with the Encarta
    Demon Encyclopedia) - Keri
  • Valentine she never had the nerve to give to Little Xander - The
    Big Zorkahuna
  • Fuzzy Kermit the Frog Computer Wrist-rest (for help overcoming
    her frog fears) - Swordlord
  • Keroppi Frog Watch (more help for her frog fears) - Brittany
  • Sleepovers with Little Xander (for all-night games of "Risk" and
    "Monopoly," and admiring him while he slept) - Maybee4Now
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Little Rupert's...

  • First Set of Encyclopædia Britannica (he was a contributing
    author) - Sacrificial Worm
  • Autographed Vinyl Copy of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts
    Club Band" (a guilty pleasure!) - Shelley & Melody
  • Knickers, Vest, & Knee-socks Combo (the outfit for all proper
    British boys!) - Karmilla
  • Leatherbound, Autographed, First Edition of 'Dracula' (his
    coming-of-age present from the Giles family) - VampKira
  • Rubber Bathtub Ducky (with waterproof eyeglasses) - Lisa R.
  • Baby Bow Tie (for trips to the Royal Museum with Dad) - Krista
  • Flannel Security Handkerchief (can't sleep without it!) -Day
  • Baby Scarf (embroidered with tiny demons to make him feel
    at home) - Moy
  • Baby Book of Ghost Stories (in Latin of course) - Triple C
  • Junior Stomach and Arm Pads (to protect him from tough little
    girls at his prep school!) - Samantha B.
  • Lily White Prep School Handkerchief (for mopping his brow
    during exams!) - Sage
  • Fighter Plane Models (he can always dream, can't he?) - Michelle T.
  • Little Grocer's Apron (he can always dream, can't he?) - Tricia-Leigh
  • Secret Collection of "Encyclopedia Brown" Books (where he really
    learned his research techniques) - Willow
  • First Dr. Suess Book, "Green Goo and Ham" - Christine
  • First Ouija Board (he preferred it to the telephone) - Beth
  • Tweed Diapers (he was born dignified!) - Beth
  • "Watcher Ken" Doll, now with "Kung-Fu Ripper Kick"! (from the
    Barbie the Vampire Slayer collection) - GylzGirl
  • Book, "Understanding Your Slayer: A Guide to Proper Training"
    (Lesson One: Harsh words or rolled-up newspapers will probably
    get you killed) - Kathy G.
  • Time-Life Series Demon Pop-Up Book (with 2-page unfolding
    Hellmouth!) - Angela
  • "Aspiring Grocer" Ken Doll (pull string to hear him cry in
    agony after you tell him he must be a Watcher) - Wagner
  • Boarding School Beanie (that he would hide his monster comics
    under when the headmaster came around) - DaBee
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Little Angel's...

  • Baby Teeth (careful, they're sharp!) - Christye
  • Black Leather Baby Blanky - Angela Mach
  • First Sweet Baby Smile (while he was teething) - Angela Mach
  • Gerber Bottled Baby Juice (Type "O" - his favorite!) - Stephanie
  • Velvet Playpen (with candelabra nightlight) - Stephanie
  • White Baby Shirts by Osh Kosh of Dublin (est. 1710) - Miriam E.
  • First Sarcastic Baby Words (such biting remarks!) - LeAnne M.
  • "Master" Action Figure (now with eye-gouging finger!) - IceAngels
  • Baby Bottle (filled right on the farm, from freshly bled dairy
    cows!) - Samantha M.
  • First Adorable Little Smirk - Krista
  • Mirrored One-Way Mini-Blinds (sunproof and cool) - Samantha B.
  • Shredded Baby Teething Ring - Krista
  • First Teething Neck (it was freely offered) - Corinna
  • Stick-On Tattoo (practice for the real thing!) - Kali Buffy
  • "How the Grinch Stole Harvest" Book - Triple C
  • Black Suede & Velveteen Snowsuit (for those nippy Irish
    winters!) - Moy
  • Blood-Nursing Beagle Puppy (soon to be weaned onto "Gravy Slain"
    dogfood) - Sage
  • Book, "Vampires are from Mars, Slayers are from just plain out of
    this World!" - Buff1f
  • Blood-Cone Kit (a cone of shaved ice, a few squirts of Type "O"
    across the top and mmm-mmm, there's no better way to beat
    the heat!) - Jim
  • Carefully studied and annotated copy of "Interview with the Vampire"
    (to perfect the "ol' Anne Rice seduction routine") - Jenni W.
  • Prized "Pinocchio" Book (the sad story of a kid who just wanted to
    be a real boy!) - Tricia-Leigh
  • First Moonlit Kiss (he was game for it, but he prayed his face would
    not be!) - Traci
  • First Taste of Blood (Slurpee "Flavor of the Week" at the Sunnydale
    7-11) - Lady Rave
  • Baby Pillow he rested his little head upon (rip-proof in case
    he had dreams about feeding) - Krissy
  • Book, "Caring for Your Restored Soul" (too bad he forgot to read
    the chapter on what NOT to do if you ever meet up with a cute
    little slayer!) - Andrew
  • Desire to "meet" all of Little Dru's family members - Angelica
  • "Tickle Me Slayer" Doll (less fatal than the "Bite Me" & "Stake Me" versions) - Katy B.
  • Picture of Little Buffy and him at a restaurant on their first date
    (she ordered a stake and he ordered a waiter) - Kathy G.
  • Claddagh Teething Ring - DarkEyes
  • Vampire Chew Toys (all-natural blood flavoring, NEW!
    100% garlic-free!) - Megan:)
  • Favorite Italian Meal, Angel-hair Pasta in a thick type "AB"
    Sauce (with extra clots) - Megan:)
  • "Got Blood?" T-Shirt (and little red moustache) - The Big Zorkahuna
  • Heavily Cried-in Book, "Chicken Soup for the Undead Soul" - Bkwrm2
  • Hobby Book, "A Boy's Guide to Snapping Necks: Tips for Perfecting
    Your Technique" - Buffynut
  • Kindergarten Play Voiceover: "Naptime inspi-uhs our gweatest moments.
    Unbidden, unwanted, it must be appeased or it will make us vewy, vewy
    ti-uhd!" (hey, you try talking in baby fangs!) - Jesse Jou
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Little Cordy's...

  • "Baby Prom Queen" Makeup Set - Allison T.
  • Slayhouse Pedal-Powered Miniature Mercedes (with little
    leather seats!) - Chiara
  • Invisible Kid Detection Device (from the Sharper Image
    catalog) - Samantha B.
  • Color-Coordinated Baby Booties, Nightgown, Diapers, &
    Bonnet - Corinna
  • May Queen Barbie (complete with realistic facial cut and
    battered boyfriend!) - Kelly G.
  • Perfect Little Princess Hair Styling Kit (with all the tacky
    barrettes thrown out!) - Kali Buffy
  • Kindergarten Clique (happenin' toddlers only need
    apply!) - Triple C
  • Todd Oldham Safety Patrol Uniform - Moy
  • Halston Sleepover Dress - Sage
  • "Supermodel" Barbie (with permanently affixed hand mirror, and
    twenty prerecorded put-down lines for "Loser" Ken) - Jim
  • Playskool Cell-Phone (for calling ALL her friends about
    "homicidal" Little Buffy!) - Buff1f
  • Eye-Rolling Exercises (practice makes perfect!) - Miriam E.
  • Framed Picture of Veronica from Archie Comics (her role
    model!) - Tricia-Leigh
  • Big Book of Brushoffs for Every Occasion - Samantha H.
  • "Queen of Sheba" Halloween Costume (attitude can be
    worn year-round) - Melissa
  • First Baby Clothes worn coming home from the hospital (a
    tiny cheerleader's outfit with cottonball pom poms) - Mel
  • Hot Pink PowerWheels Convertible (with "Prncss C" license
    plates) - WeepnBeuty
  • "Mystery Date" Game (she kept hoping to get the Little Owen
    or Little Angel "dream" date, but always ended up with the
    Little Xander "dud" date instead) - DaBee
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Little Ampata's...

  • First Baby Boyfriend/Victim (he was such a mummy's boy!) - Ophelia

Little Amy's...

    "Wee Witch" Chemistry Set with Black Mixing Cauldron (and confusing
    instructions for the love potions) - Ophelia

Little Anointed One's...

  • "Master Reconstruction Kit" (with shovels, scalding holy ground,
    one Master skeleton (fragile!), and crazed minions. Hanging
    sacrifices not included) - Samantha H.

Little Chanterelle's...

  • "Crimson Kiss" Curler Set (with only five curlers left) - Allison T.

Little Darla's...

  • Sunday School Outfits - Lorraine
  • Debutante Gloves - Lisa R.
  • First Communion Dress - Little Willow
  • "Deady" Bear (with a neck full of holes!) - Kali Buffy
  • Kimono Baby Nightie - Triple C
  • Mattel "Vampire Maker Machine" (Little Angel wishes he'd
    never asked how it worked!) - Miriam E.
  • Dual Automatic Water Pistols (with bottomless reservoirs) - Moy
  • "Black Widow" Barbie (with lockerful of dead boyfriends) - Jim
  • Double "Hop-a-Long Cassidy" Six-Shooter Cap Pistols - Jim
  • First Baby Fang (placed lovingly under her pillow in hopes of
    getting a claddagh ring from the Fang Fairy, or even better,
    from the Fang Angel!) - Sarah
  • First Kiddie Kiss from Little Angelus (sloppy, wet, and red,
    just the way she likes 'em!) - Sarah

Little Dru's...

  • Gardening Book on the Care and Proper Killing of Daisies - Jenni W.
  • "Bloodletting" Barbie (remove tiny cork in Barbie's neck to release
    edible red fluid as Barbie turns a deathly pale!) - Chiara
  • "Visions" Kit (includes dead daisies, birds, & dolls to consult
    with; warning, not for children under 200; may cause permanent
    insanity!) - Samantha H. & Jessica;)
  • First Sacrament (she took the "This is My blood" part a bit too
    seriously!) - Traci
  • Premonitions of the Future (that enabled her to avoid many a
    spanking) - Samantha B.
  • Hello Kitty Tarot Cards - Raininfire
  • Complete Collection of "American Ghoul" Dolls - Sarah H.
  • "Crimson Tea Party" Set (with tea pots, cups, pretty dresses,
    hair curlers, and gags) - CatWoman
  • "Baby Tenderness" Doll (with its head ripped-off) - Alana
  • First Anorexic Bird - The Big Zorkahuna
  • Childhood Playmates (gee, where did they all go?) - DaBee
  • Baby Canine Teeth (just perfect for piercing the sides of
    her Cranberry Juice boxes and sucking all the fluid out,
    while her stunned classmates stared) - Angela W.
  • Nursery Room Wallpaper (a floral print of dead and wilted
    daisies) - Erin

Little Ethan's...

  • Big Barrel o' Green Goo (all his friends contributed to it) - Angel
  • Hand-crafted Halloween Costumes (his motto: "You are what
    you wear") - The Big Zorkahuna

Little Jenny's...

  • Sure-Fire Librarian Love Spells - Jessica;)
  • Kindergarten Laptop (where she stored the phone numbers of all
    the shy, cute bookworm boys) - Beth
  • Unsuccessful Crossbow Lessons - Lady Rave
  • "Junior Gypsy" Soul Restoration Kit (for bringing her dead hamster
    back from the grave) - DaBee

Little Jesse's...

  • Futile Attempts to convince Little Cordy to let him carry her books
    home after school - Matsu T.

Little Joyce's...

  • "Outdoor Cooking Utensils" Playset (BBQ fork removed by her
    parents to keep her from hurting herself) - Miriam E.

Little Kendra's...

  • Cricket Bat (with a sharpened end for you-know-
    what) - pie-en-argent
  • "Rasta-Barney" T-Shirt (her only shirt) - The Big Zorkahuna
  • Pintsized Bottle of Holy Water (aka, "Mr. Sizzly") - Doran

Little Larry's...

  • Secret Barbie Collection - Laertes

Little Master's...

  • Saber-Toothed Housecat - Lisa R.
  • Blood-Flavored Toothpaste (he can't wait to brush his fangs
    at night!) - Allison T.
  • Infant Head Waxing Kit (to keep that scalp bahirt (her only shirt) - The Big Zorkahuna
  • Pintsized Bottle of Holy Water (aka, "Mr. Sizzly") - Doran

Little Larry's...

  • Secret Barbie Collection - Laertes

Little Master's...

  • Saber-Toothed Housecat - Lisa R.
  • Blood-Flavored Toothpaste (he can't wait to brush his fangs
    at night!) - Allison T.
  • Infant Head Waxing Kit (to keep that scalp baby-smooth!) - Day
  • "Dracula" thermos filled lovingly with blood by his Mom - Triple C
  • Paper Mache Hellmouth Model (his favorite project from
    hellementary school) - Miriam E.
  • Leather Swimming Trunks for his Blood Pond - Moy
  • "Lifetime" Supply of Visine (used-up a few lifetimes
    ago) - Allison T.
  • 'Learning to Read' Program: "How to Kill the Slayer in
    10 Easy Prophecies or Less" - Erika K.
  • Lee "Press-On" Nails (while he eagerly waited for his
    own to grow out) - DaBee

Little Mayor's...

  • Well-thumbed Scholastic Book, "Selling Your Soul to Improve
    Your Swing: It's Never too Early to Start!" - Tiki

Little Owen's...

  • "I Can Read!" copy of Emily Dickinson (with large print and
    lots of pretty pictures of bees for some reason) - Tiki

Little Oz's...

  • Book, "Turning Everyday Lunchbox Items into Snappy Pickup
    Lines" (Lesson One: Animal Crackers) - Kathy G.
  • Baby-sized Manacles (to protect the rest of the kids in
    daycare from his "weretoddler" alter ego) - Sarah
  • Bedtime Guitar Book, "The E-flat Diminished Ninth and You:
    A Toddler's Guide to Manly Chords" - Katie
  • "Little Shaver" Plastic Razor (for his werepuppy
    peach fuzz) - Tricia-Leigh
  • "Baby Shredmaster" Toy Guitar (covered with toothmarks
    from all those full-moon gigs) - WeepnBeuty
  • "Rock Star" Ken Doll (comes in twin-pack with Eskimo Barbie;
    pull string to hear him ask "Who is that doll?") - The Big Zorkahuna

Little Snyder's...

  • "Guaranteed or your money back" Ear Reducing Cream
    (he wants his money back) - Miriam E.
  • Fisher Price School ("Somebody's gotta keep an eye on
    all those sneaky little plastic kids!") - Jilbert:)

Little Spike's...

  • "Bite Me Elmo" Doll - Lisa R.
  • Autographed copy of ""Nevermind the Bullocks, Here's the Sex
    Pistols" (background screaming from Spikey chowing-down on
    Sid's roadies) - Jenni W.
  • Prized Vial of Sid Vicious's Blood (no bite required) - Jenni W.
  • Pictures he took at Woodstock (all of his hand) - Jenni W.
  • Family German Shephard with the Happenin' Green
    Mohawk - Jenni W.
  • "Bite Me Angel" Doll - Chiara
  • Toy Train Set (with all the little railroad spikes stuck into
    all the little train conductors) - Elena
  • "Home Improvement" Toddler Toolkit with full-size, working
    chain saw ("nothin' quite like a chain saw to improve the
    ol' home, eh Dru?") - DaBee
  • "Burning Things with Sunlight" Science Kit (includes large
    magnifying glass and little paper figure of the Anointed
    One) - Kathy G
  • Steel-Toed Baby Booties - Maybee4Now
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