Hap's MoT&R Buffy Photos

Here are some Buffy cast pictures that Hap took at the Museum of Television and Radio's "Tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer" event at Los Angeles in March, 1998:
  • Aly, Tony, Nick, & Charisma Sequence
  • Nick, CC, David, & SMG Sequence
  • Sequence of David and Sarah Images
  • Montage of Seth Green Images
  • Alyson, Charisma, & Sarah Onstage
  • Two Images of Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Kaz Kuzui, Gail Berman, Fran Kuzui
  • Charisma, David, Alyson, Tony, Nick
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      Source images are the property of Hap (sequences and montages created by Lisa). Please contact Hap prior to forwarding them or reposting them elsewhere.