Joss, Nick, and Alyson at ComicCon

Joss Whedon, Nicholas Brendon, and Alyson Hannigan both onstage and signing autographs at ComicCon '97 in San Diego, California, July, 1997:
  • Joss & grinning Alyson
  • Nick & Joss, sig machines
  • With a song in her heart...
  • Our gang on the assembly line
  • Joss laughing at Aly comment
  • Alyson & adoring fan
  • Most of Nick, Joss, & Alyson
  • Alyson catches her breath
  • Where have all the markers gone?
  • Nick, Joss, Alyson, & Me
  • Gang signs Marcie's Yearbook
  • Alyson Embarrassment Sequence
  • Animated Alyson Embarrass Seq
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